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New Organic Tea Range from Allos

Allos has been successfully producing food for organic retailers since 1974. The tea category is completely new territory for the long-standing company. In a booming and dynamic market, you not only need special tea blends, but also creative packaging design to succeed. The branding agency HAJOK had already created the packaging design of the entire food range for Allos and refined its brand positioning. The tea designs had to be recognisable as part of the umbrella brand, yet at the same time have a unique look of their own.

Focusing on brand values

The basis for the launch of the 12 different tea variants was an in-depth competition and category code analysis. Unlike the packaging that had already been created for the Allos’ food portfolio, this time illustrations rather than photography were at the core of the designs. “The herbs and tea ingredients were all drawn in-house. They reflect the attention to detail and thus the brand positioning of Allos as a farm-based producer of lovingly-composed natural foods,” says Susan Khallaf, Senior Consultant for Strategy at HAJOK Design. The different colours characterise each respective variety and communicate diversity. The matt surface and embossing convey the intrinsic quality of the products. The result is a colourful packaging design that stands out in a credible and appealing way from other tea brands.